Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Welcome Hvass & Hannibal!

We would like to say a big Pocko Family welcome to our newest talent, Hvass & Hannibal! These guys are a multi-disciplinary arts and design studio based in Copenhagen. Since 2006, Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal (the founders) have worked in close collaborative partnership with illustrative and conceptual design in a number of different fields for numerous clients in Europe, Asia and the US. Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, the studio takes projects from esoteric illustrative beginnings to a full art direction and graphic design solution, all in-house. As well as being image makers we have also directed high profile photographic projects, and created sets and costumes for amongst others, one of Denmark's famous musical successes of recent years - Efterklang.

For more information on Hvass & Hannibal please click here, or give us a call at Pocko HQ!

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