Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lesjeanclode - new work

It's been a busy month for Pocko Parisian trio Lesjeanclode - they've sent us loads of fabulous new work!  Some of this can now be viewed online here.  The new images include one for Corbieres wine - a very special wine in France.  This illustration is to promote events in prestigious Parisian bars to promote their wine.  They were also commissioned to produce three illustrations ('Vegetable Mutants', 'Badmax' and 'Vanuatou') for Coq en Pâte, a French brand specialising in childrenswear.  Their illustration 'Les Russes' is a personal project.  We'll be uploading the rest very soon, so watch this space!  For more information on Lesjeanclode, please call us at Pocko Towers or click here

Featured illustration: Vegetable Mutants

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