Friday, 21 August 2009

Adam Hayes in Sierra Leone

In June this year, Pocko artist Adam Hayes worked with Christian Aid in Sierra Leone to help design a billboard that provides more accurate and clear health advice for the prevention of AIDS and HIV in the country. The billboard above will appear on billboard sites across Sierra Leone.
Working with communities in Freetown and Jendema, Adam created a billboard design which highlighted the many health issues associated with the virus and making it understood by a large illiterate population.

Ben Newman's hand-printed book

Pocko illustrator Ben Newman worked with talented writer Scott James Donaldson to produce The Bento Bestiary. They wanted to take the ancient Japanese Yokai and re-interpret them in a whole new light but still stay true to their origins. The result is this very sexy hand-printed book which was screen-printed in 3 colours by the very talented chaps at Nobrow and is limited to just 100 copies.