Friday, 29 July 2011

Lesjeanclode: The Horrors

LesJeanClode were invited to participate in an exhibition at Paris’ Metro Station Duroc, organised in conjunction with Rock en Seine 2011 festival. Each artist chose to work with one band, and here our fab trio set out to make a stunning faux stained-glass artwork for the über-cool The Horrors. A larger expo will be held during the festival late August, with over 60 illustrators participating. See more of our LJC over here!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

IC4Design commissioned by Sanfrecce Hiroshima

IC4Design were recently commissioned to produce a charity t-shirt for Sanfrecce Hiroshima. The project is to invite the refugees of Tohoku earthquake in Hiroshima to Sanfrecce’s home game by selling this charity T-shirt. Lovely work guys!

For more information about IC4Design please click here or call us at Pocko Towers.

Ben Newman & Felt Mistress sneaky peek....

Ben has recently been collaborating with Felt Mistress to produce 3 fuzzy felt characters (Yokai) from his book The Bento Bestiary.The preview photo below is of the terrifying Taimatsu Maru!

You can click here to buy a copy of Ben's book, and please do call us at Pocko Towers to commission Ben or for more information.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hennie Haworth for Hyundai

Hennie Haworth's signature teacups were recently used by South Korea's Hyundai department store to create a beautiful picnic mat....

For more information on Hennie or to make a commission please give us a ring at Pocko towers!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Soka Afrika wins the Golden Whistle Award at Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival in New York!

Congratulations to The SRK for scooping an award for their documentary 'Soka Afrika'!

The film was awarded a Golden Whistle at the prestigious Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival in New York. After all the votes by the jury panel were tallied, the 2011 Golden Whistle was won by Suridh "Shaz" Hassan's / The SRK's Soka Afrika. Congratulations to Shaz and producers Simon Laub and Sam Potter, both of whom were on hand to collect the actual whistle.

Massive congratulations from Pocko Towers to everyone involved in the film. For more information on The SRK or for a possible commission, please give us a call or email!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Welcome Ana Benaroya!

Once again, we have a fantastic talent to welcome to the Pocko Family! Say hello to Ana Benaroya. Ana is a US-based illustrator, designer and typographer extraordinaire; and above all, a jolly good person. When she isn't photoshopping, screen printing or drawing up something brilliant, Ana can be found consuming large amounts of hot sauce. Ana's client list is impressive, including Time Out New York, The New York Times, ABV News Tonight, The LA Times, Nickelodeon Magazine and several high-profile musicians including The Donnas, Beardyman, Wilco and Nite Jewel. Her work has also been honoured by American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators and the PRINT Regional Design Annual. Get some colour into your day (have you seen the weather outside?) and check out Ana's fantastic portfolio here, or call us at Pocko Towers for more information or a commission.

Featured illustration: Make Magic Happen

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New work from Estilo 3D

Estilo 3D's online portfolio has recently been updated! It includes some fantastic new work, including a Cannes Outdoor & Press Lion award-winning campaign for JWT Argentina (Ford Trucks).

Since its conception in 2005, Estilo 3D has been providing creative services for top agencies, photographers and production houses from Argentina, Mexico, Europe and the USA. Their skilled staff hail from different design backgrounds and have unique core skills. Each artist has committed to explore the most innovative tools and resources to create stunning and unique visual concepts specialising in 3D design, CGI, production and digital compositing for print, advertising, motion graphics and interactive projects.

For more information or to commission Estilo 3D, please call us at Pocko or click here to see their portfolio.

Welcome Hvass & Hannibal!

We would like to say a big Pocko Family welcome to our newest talent, Hvass & Hannibal! These guys are a multi-disciplinary arts and design studio based in Copenhagen. Since 2006, Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal (the founders) have worked in close collaborative partnership with illustrative and conceptual design in a number of different fields for numerous clients in Europe, Asia and the US. Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, the studio takes projects from esoteric illustrative beginnings to a full art direction and graphic design solution, all in-house. As well as being image makers we have also directed high profile photographic projects, and created sets and costumes for amongst others, one of Denmark's famous musical successes of recent years - Efterklang.

For more information on Hvass & Hannibal please click here, or give us a call at Pocko HQ!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ben Newman BBQing with Science

Ben Newman was recently commissioned by Wired Magazine to illustrate an article titled 'How to BBQ with Science' in the famous 'how to' section. We think the results look rather impressive.... Now all we need is some BBQ weather so we can put these tips to good use! For more information or Ben or to discuss a commission, please click here or call us at Pocko HQ! Happy grilling...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Joey HiFi for The Science Museum

Joey HiFi has recently finished an exciting project with Creature London for The Science Museum; with the theme being 'Spend Your Summer in Space', just in time for the summer holidays. The inspiration was a mix of cheerful vintage holiday postcards (think 1950s 'Visit Skegness!'-style) and outer-space antics. This resulted in some delightfully playful illustrations depicting families holidaying in a typically British manner (we're talking banana boats, BBQs, body boarding and overloading the roof rack), but in far away galaxies: Brighton beach is swapped for the rings of Saturn, the family car is a space shuttle and the the sausages on the BBQ know not of gravity...

The advertising agency, Creature, are relatively new in town and the Science Museum was one of their first major clients, so it really has been an honour and an incredibly exciting experience working on this for everyone involved. Joey HiFi is based in Cape Town, South Africa and operates from his secret underground lair. As well as this project for Creature and Science Museum, Joey has has an impressive client list including Smirnoff, Levi's and Hodder&Stoughton.

The illustrations can now be seen at the Science Museum itself, on the London Underground as well as in publications including Time Out. For more information on Joey HiFi please click here, or call us at Pocko Towers!

Featured illustration: Banana Boat

Friday, 8 July 2011

Nomoco - Stolen Moments

Pocko artist Nomoco, renowned for her beautiful use of ink and its organic movement, has recently made a film with Spine TV, titled 'Stolen Moments'. 

Nomoco was born in Fukuoka, Japan and currently lives in London. She graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Japan, subsequently graduating from London College of Communication, UK, with a BA in Graphic Design, and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, UK, with an MA in Communication Design.  Her inspirations are nature and the French horn.  For more information about Nomoco please click here, or contact us at Pocko Towers.   

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lesjeanclode - new work

It's been a busy month for Pocko Parisian trio Lesjeanclode - they've sent us loads of fabulous new work!  Some of this can now be viewed online here.  The new images include one for Corbieres wine - a very special wine in France.  This illustration is to promote events in prestigious Parisian bars to promote their wine.  They were also commissioned to produce three illustrations ('Vegetable Mutants', 'Badmax' and 'Vanuatou') for Coq en Pâte, a French brand specialising in childrenswear.  Their illustration 'Les Russes' is a personal project.  We'll be uploading the rest very soon, so watch this space!  For more information on Lesjeanclode, please call us at Pocko Towers or click here

Featured illustration: Vegetable Mutants

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Olaf Hajek - new work

Olaf Hajek, known for his elegant, colourful and figurative work has been very busy of late, and we our proud to say some of his new work is available to view online here!  The work includes commissions for a book cover for the Autorenbuchhandlung Berlin and catalogue pages for luxury bathroom retailer Burgbad

Olaf lives in Berlin and has exhibits in galleries globally, as well as an impressive international list of clients who commission him; not to mention a string of awards, including D&AD and Communication Arts.  To view more of his work please click here:

Featured picture:  Burgbad page

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Le Creative Sweatshop

We would like to introduce you all to Le Creative Sweatshop - Le Creative Sweatshop is a creative studio based in Paris at the crossroads of fashion, design, contemporary art and architecture.  Most pieces are handmade which gives them a humble, precious and fragile stature. Dynamic, supple and reactive agency, Le Creative Sweatshop enjoys interacting with its network of partners. Through its collaborations and professional meetings, Le Creative Sweatshop expands its creative circle so that various influences and knowledge become a real strength.  To see their online portfolio at Pocko, click here.

Monday, 4 July 2011

IC4Design Comissioned for Hiroshima Airport

IC4Design were recently commissioned to decorate the international arrivals gate at Hiroshima airport.  They produced some fantastically lively illustrations, and we think it is a great improvement!

IC4Design are a collective group of illustrators based in Hiroshima, Japan.  Voted amongst the best 200 illustrators worldwide in 2009 and 2010, they are renowned for producing very colourful, fun and highly detailed illustrations and have an impressive client list that includes Toyota, New York Times Magazine, Ogilvy and Adobe.  To see more of their brilliant work, click here.