Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Joey HiFi for The Science Museum

Joey HiFi has recently finished an exciting project with Creature London for The Science Museum; with the theme being 'Spend Your Summer in Space', just in time for the summer holidays. The inspiration was a mix of cheerful vintage holiday postcards (think 1950s 'Visit Skegness!'-style) and outer-space antics. This resulted in some delightfully playful illustrations depicting families holidaying in a typically British manner (we're talking banana boats, BBQs, body boarding and overloading the roof rack), but in far away galaxies: Brighton beach is swapped for the rings of Saturn, the family car is a space shuttle and the the sausages on the BBQ know not of gravity...

The advertising agency, Creature, are relatively new in town and the Science Museum was one of their first major clients, so it really has been an honour and an incredibly exciting experience working on this for everyone involved. Joey HiFi is based in Cape Town, South Africa and operates from his secret underground lair. As well as this project for Creature and Science Museum, Joey has has an impressive client list including Smirnoff, Levi's and Hodder&Stoughton.

The illustrations can now be seen at the Science Museum itself, on the London Underground as well as in publications including Time Out. For more information on Joey HiFi please click here, or call us at Pocko Towers!

Featured illustration: Banana Boat

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