Wednesday, 18 May 2011

News from Mexico...

Our very own Jorge Alderete has been busy recently:

Gallo Negro at Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City
May 19 th / 20:00 hs.
Admission free
Adrress: Paseo de la Reforma y Gandhi s/n,
Bosque de Chapultepec, México City.
Gallo Negro is a project that incorporates the psychedelic sound of 70's Peruvian cumbia, mixing it with garage attitude. Farfisa Organ, Fuzz guitars, and the unforgettable guiro are the main ingredients of the lysergic cumbia of this band. Genres such as Chicha, Amazon Cumbia and Boogaloo are present when the band formed by members of the Twin Tones, Telekrimen and designer Dr. Alderete (Jorge Alderete), takes  the stage ... Hypnotic drawings are developed by Dr. Alderete with his selfmade Tagtool.
The Tagtool is a tool for real-time visual performance in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Generally the system is operated in collaboration between an artist who draws pictures and an animator adding movement to them using a Jostick. The Tagtool offers unlimited artistic complexity with a simple set of controls.
Like a musical instrument, works intuitively making tight integration between image and music.

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