Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ben Newman for Schuh 30th Birthday

Ben Newman was recently commissioned by Schuh to create a mural for their Bristol store to mark their 30th Birthday; the theme being '30 years of self expression'.  The brief was to celebrate 'everything from the shoes, the looks, the haircuts, the characters and all of the sub cultures over the past three decades and to create a campaign which portrays Schuh's personality by the way it presents and modernises archive imagery to appeal to the young of both now and then'.  Ben took on the task with great enthusiasm; creating a menagerie of weird and wonderful characters (something he does exceptionally well) wearing shoes and styles covering the past 30 years on the window of Schuh using red Posterman pens.  It took Ben a little under a day to complete the live drawing, after sketching out  a few ideas and characters initially.  The results were a huge success and Schuh absolutely loved the window art.  We think they're pretty neat too!   You can see more images like the one below on Ben's Blog  

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