Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mural of Wapping - Rudi de Wet

The talented Rudi de Wet, a good friend of Pocko's, was recently commissioned through us by Mark Smith Design to produce this fabulous mural for Ballymore Properties.  The final mural is displayed in their Wapping marketing suite, with the mural itself illustrating 'a celebration of Wapping, past, present, and future'.  The client provided Rudi with a list of items from Wapping's rich and colourful history which they wanted to showcase with a combination of typography and illustration, including amongst many other things a tiger, zebras, a bottle of rum, Captain Kidd and the Prospect of Whitby pub.  The final piece was blown up to around 2600 x 4200mm; giving the offices a very striking and unique focal point (we've seen the photos in situ, and they look great!) and we are delighted to say the client love it as much as we do. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Andrew Holder and Paul Bower for Google

Andrew Holder and Paul Bower were commissioned by our friends at DHM London to create illustrations for Google’s “The Book of 4x”. The idea was to translate and dramatise facts for the branded book, to be sent out to media buyer clients and industry professionals. The book is based on the fact that the Google display network offers 4x the click-through rate compared to the industry standard. Andrew’s brief was to depict how “human bones are four times stronger than concrete.” True to form, Paul was asked to show how “women are more than four times more likely to suffer from an overactive bladder than men.” Both works are absolutely spot on, and have very well received by the agency and client alike.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

IC4 Design for Africa Agency

IC4DESIGN were recently asked by our good friends at Africa Agency to create an image to champion the branding of their New York office on Madison Avenue. The image features an enormous panoramic NY cityscape, rampaged by hundreds of African animals. As you can see, the work is absolutely spectacular and immaculately detailed. We cannot wait for the range of marketing materials to be produced, including iPhone cases, posters, envelopes, CD’s.. the works! Please note that this is only a cropped section of the full, magnificent piece. Click here to find out more about IC4Design, or just call us at Pocko!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ben Newman at Nobrow

After months of hard work, Ben Newman’s ‘Masks’ exhibition is now open at Nobrow on Great Eastern Street (East London) as part of the London Design Festival. The exhibition features 11 printed masks, 3 wooden masks which were constructed by Ben’s dad, 3 felt monsters, brought to life from ‘The Bento Bestiary’ by The Felt Mistress, and 2 tiny hats based on Ben’s designs by Sahar Freemantle (Ugly Lovely).

The masks are an exploration of traditional masks from around the world. Ben has taken his inspiration for this project from totem poles, folklore, and European deco, whilst using his distinctive colour palate and love of symmetry and mysterious creatures.

The felt monsters (including the infamous Dateotoko Fishu San, or ‘Mr Fish Dude’) have to be seen to be believed; The Felt Mistress (aka Louise Evans) has worked closely with Ben to bring these fantastical mutants to life.

This is definitely worth checking out if you’re in town- the work is genuinely a delight to look at and is very refreshing it it’s originality; it has also won vast critical acclaim including The Guardian and It’s Nice That.

‘Masks’ is currently running at Nobrow until 11th November 2011.

For more information on Ben Newman or to discuss a project, please call us at Pocko!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

James Dawe for Tusker

James Dawe has had an incredibly busy few months, and we are delighted to finally be able to reveal his recent, very striking new collage for Tusker beer! The bottle had recently undergone a re-design, and James was asked to reflect this new shape using imagery associated with the African landscape to reflect the beer's African heritage. To see more of James' work just click here or call us at Pocko Towers.

Monday, 5 September 2011

LesJeanClode for Teva

Well, the leaves are starting to turn and we've certainly noticed it getting a bit nippier in the evenings and mornings. Sadly the glorious British summertime seems to be coming to a close now, so to cheer things up we are delighted to present you with this fabulous new illustration from LesJeanClode for healthcare brand Teva!

The boys worked with the lovely team at Woolley Pau to come up with this very playful image, which we think is a great representation and reflection of the boys' signature style: colourful, playful and more than just a bit quirky! For more information on or to commission LesJeanClode, just drop us a line at Pocko.

Friday, 2 September 2011

James Dawe for NatWest

We are delighted to announce the new NatWest Business campaign by James Dawe! We’ve had to keep this one under wraps for quite some time, but now the UK campaign can be seen all over. The personalised service from NatWest helps business owners move forward with their banking needs and reach their goals. James had worked very long and hard to create a variety of artwork for the campaign, so please do us a favour and pick up a brochure or two from your local branch!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Olaf Hajek - African Museum

The fabulous Olaf Hajek was recently commissioned to by the African Museum in Tervuren, Belgium, to produce this striking image. We love it, and hope you do to.

Olaf Hajek's elegant, figurative, colorful, textural work holds a strong sense of character and fine art sensibility, and he exhibits regularly in galleries all over the world. He has an impressive client list and has previously worked with the likes of Montblanc, Bloomberg, Pirelli and Rolling Stone Magazine to name just a few. Click here to see more of Olaf's work or just give us a call at Pocko HQ to find out more.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Adam Hayes and Music redraw Chester Zoo's identity

We are delighted to finally reveal the fantastic work Adam Hayes was recently commissioned to produce for Chester Zoo. Adam was briefed by Music (based in Manchester) to produce a new playful new hand-drawn typeface and logotype for the zoo, as well as a map and several stand-alone animal icons. You can read the full review (by Creative Review) here, or click here to see more of Adam's work.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Paul Bower: Come And Get It

On Wednesday 17th August, Sanderson will host the latest exhibition of graphic works by Paul Bower, curated and produced by Pocko. "Come And Get It" features a collection of screen and block prints by South London based artist. Here, Bower exhibits his favourite “lost, but not forgotten” song lyrics, and an array of instant, throw-away messages. His typographical posters play with the familiar and the recognisable in popular culture; twisting the meaning of words to amuse and confuse the audience.

Bower’s signature style balances between candyfloss characters, raw typography and razor-sharp wit. His technique is varied, but always packs a punch, using a range of lino-cut and screen prints, acrylic paint, ballpoint pen, paper-cuts, stenciling, and collage to create his pieces. In an age where media is saturated with overly-polished imagery, Paul Bower’s somewhat “unfinished” approach proves a breath of fresh air.
Come And Get It private with 17th August from 6-8 pm, and the exhibition will run until Wednesday 31st, 2011at the Art Space - Sanderson Hotel, 50 Berners Street, London W1T 3NG. We hope to see you there!